First Presbyterian Church, Glendale History


The First Presbyterian Church, Glendale, held their first session meeting on the evening of

29 November, 1855. This first session meeting was for the purpose of organizing a Presbyterian Church in Glendale. The meeting was held in the chapel of the Glendale Female College. There were a total of nineteen men and women from Ohio and Indiana in attendance. Reverend John Covert and Reverend Thomas Spencer of the Presbytery of Hamilton County (New School) were the moderators. The persons in attendance all presented letters of dimissory from their churches and became the first members of the First Presbyterian Church, Glendale. At this time, it was agreed that since the First Presbyterian Church, Glendale, had been received under the Presbytery of Hamilton County, and the members were from both Schools (New and Old), at least for the present time, the church would be designated an independent Presbyterian Church. This group of dedicated Christians chose two men from the five elders present:  J. J. Packer and Henry Bishoprich to be the first elders. Mr. Packer accepted being an elder of the new church and Mr. Bishoprich declined. The second session meeting was held in the same chapel of the Glendale Female College on 14 June 1856. J. J. Packer, the elder elected at the first meeting, and Rev. J. Spencer, Moderator, opened the meeting with prayer. Ten new attendees were present

and were received into communion of the church.  


Subsequent to that time, on 6 April 1858, a motion by Dr. Scott, First Presbyterian Church, Glendale, was received and the delegate, John Keys, admitted to his seat in the Presbytery (Old School) session at the Fourth Church of Cincinnati.

The Glendale Female College (1854 -1929) was located where today is 1045 Laurel Avenue. The First Presbyterian Church, Glendale, continued to meet in the chapel of Glendale Female College until 1860 when, what is referred to by today’s church members as the church house was built. This chapel building sets further back from the street on the north side of the sanctuary. This chapel was dedicated in April 1874. The architect was James Wilson.   

The original handwritten minutes as taken by J. J. Packer, and their transcription, can be viewed

using the links below.