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The Worship Committee oversees the congregation's worship life. It represents the session as it works with the minister in planning weekly worship and special services including Maundy Thursday and Christmas Eve

Christian Education

The committee is responsible for all aspects of the church's Sunday School program, annual Vacation Bible School, and for presenting educational curricula to the session for approval. The committee also organizes events including the Kick-Off Sunday for the beginning of the Sunday School year, Christmas Pageant, Easter Egg Hunt, and Pentecost Picnic.


The Mission Committee interprets and encourages involvement in missions through the activity of members and the use of financial contributions. The committee educates the congregation and encourages support of mission opportunities, denominational special offerings. The committee has a strong emphasis on local mission helping meet critical needs including food, shelter and clothing in the Glendale and greater Cincinnati community.

Outreach, Fellowship, Membership

The committee is responsible for church events. It conducts an annual review of the church's membership rolls, and makes recommendations related to those rolls. The members are responsible for leading the church's interaction with the greater community with the goal of increasing participation and membership. It encourages, supports and participates in presbytery sponsored church training activities. The committee also coordinates special events, suppers, and other activities which deepen the connections and relationships of the members of FPCG.

Finance and Treasurer

The committee develops an annual budget for adoption by the session, and oversees the work of the church treasurer.

Building and Grounds

The committee is responsible for all aspects of the maintenance and upkeep of the church's property and grounds.

The Human Resources and Administration Committee coordinates with the Buildings and Ground Committee on recommendation for the custodian, with the Worship Committee on hiring and supervision of music staff, and with the Pastor or Interim Pastor on hiring of the Administrative Assistant. Coordinates the performance fo all paid employees with the minister or interim minister who is the responsible supervisor of all paid employees (Music Director and Organist, Choir Director, Administrative Assistant, and Custodian (s)). In addition, this committee makes recommendations to session regarding salaries of professional and nonprofessional staff, conducts semi-annual reviews for all staff, including Minister, Director of Music and Organist, Administrative Assistant, and Choir Director, maintains current file of all job descriptions, acts as liaison/advocate for staff to session; and works with the Minister on all matters relating to staff.

Human Resource and Administration