Easter Week

We will soon be celebrating Easter Sunday and with it the good news that death could not keep hold of Jesus. The empty tomb has implications for our lives and this world. The resurrection is the heartbeat of Christian faith. From different angles and perspectives, the four gospels relate their respective interpretations of what happened at the cross and in the hours and days following the discovery of the empty tomb. The Apostle Paul in his epistles likewise asserts that the resurrection is fundamentally important to what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

Palm Sunday April 2nd

Sunday worship on April 2 will center on the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem beginning the events we call Holy Week.
Palms will be distributed to the congregation by the Altar Guild.

The service time will be 10:30AM.

Maundy Thursday April 6th

Maundy Thursday offers an opportunity to attend an evening service to commemorate the institution of the Lord’s Supper by Jesus on the Thursday preceding Easter Sunday. The service will include the observance of communion, and conclude with the traditional solo by David Brown.

The service time will be 7:00PM.

Easter Sunday April 9th

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus as the vindication of his message and the defeat of sin and death. Traditional Easter hymns will be sung by the congregation. The choir and others will contribute to the festive nature of the worship service. The ‘alleluia,’ which is omitted from weekly worship during Lent, returns to the service as an expression of joy at the victory of Jesus.

The service time will be 10:30AM.
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